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Like any academic organization, IRC's library has been designed to serve the purpose of providing organized information and scientific documents to facilitate research and educational practice for both insurance and risk scholars at IRC and the learned in the industry. Providing augmented access to documents and enhanced process of information retrieval have helped IRC library act as one of the risk and insurance information providers in the country. A vast variety of professional topics are covered such as insurance, economy, management, statistics, marketing, finance, law and etc. There are also a few numbers of books on Persian literature, information technology, religion and etc.

Library Sources
The IRC library collection is divided into three broad sections: books, dissertation/theses, and research projects. Books are generally in Persian and English and a few books are in French and Arabic. There are six collection sets included in the library:

a. Book: This collection includes 3000 books in Persian and 1500 books in English that all have been categorized based on the Library of Congress classification.
b. Periodicals: There are 94 magazine titles in Persian and English in the library.
c. Journals: 3400 academic articles have been collected and classified for professional use.
d. Documents: This series contains 130 research projects.
e. Dissertation/theses: There exist over 720 dissertations/theses in Persian and English.
f. Disks: This set includes 430 CD’s and DVD’s in English and Persian.

In September 2013, the e-Library portal of IRC was officially launched accessible at https://lib.irc.ac.ir. The purpose of this portal was to make the library reachable without any time/place limit and to make it more convenient in terms of searching the digital collections of the library. It also serves as a medium for general public to connect to IRC library through membership and email and to obtain information about new publications, websites and relevant news.




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