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  • Date : Sat Sep 11, 2021
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Implementation of Three Risk Management Systems:
Seismic Risk Computational System
Just a while ago, the Insurance Industry Smart Database, Risk Laboratory, and Seismic Risk Computational System were inaugurated by IRC.

On September 6, 2021, these platforms were inaugurated with the participation of Dr. Gholamreza Soleymani, President of Central Insurance of I. R. Iran (CII), CII's Executive Board and Vice President, CEO of Universal Catastrophe Insurance Fund, and IRC's Board of Trustees, according to Public Relations Office of IRC.

At the beginning of the inauguration ceremony of these systems, Dr. Leyli Niakan, Research Deputy and Research Associate at IRC, said: "One of the developmental plans set in the IRC's agenda for the last two years was the design and implementation of the targeted statistical and computational systems for the insurance industry. Thus, four systems have been prepared in this regard. Statistical System of the Insurance Industry (SAB) was already implemented. SAB was designed based on the annual statistics of the insurance industry that has been available for the public through CII and IRC's websites. The other three systems including Insurance Industry Smart Database and two others will be introduced in this ceremony."

Justifying the goals of the implementation of "Seismic Risk Computational System", Dr. Niakan said: "After the approval and enforcement of the foundation of Universal Catastrophe Insurance Fund on December 2020, in order to technically support the fund, a research project was conducted on seismic risk computations by IRC supported by the International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology (IIEES). The study was intended to map the risk components that allowed seismic risk computation and pricing of the relevant insurance coverage. After the accomplishment of the research project, it was felt that the obtained data could be shared with the fund serving officers and end-users of the project. Therefore, a web-based system was launched based on the latest database development and management standards. The project was accomplished for about two years and was completely done by the domestic technicians. "

"In this system, the data regarding six types of buildings identified throughout the country are retrievable. The system comprises of two general modules including pricing and accumulation management and is developed based on two levels of regional and flagged spots. In the regional pricing panel, if a certain province and town are chosen, the share for the loss compensation, coverage limit, insurance rate, the fluctuation of the insurance rate for the given region according to the specific building type are provided."

"In the accumulation management panel, if a certain province and town are chosen, the data related to annual loss and the loss reserve uncertainty coefficient for six types of buildings will be presented. All the above information could be accessed by choosing a flagged spot in a region in the map."

It must be noted the accessing the data of the aforementioned system requires registration.


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