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  • Date : Wed Nov 17, 2021
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Held by IRC:
Lecture on “Some Accounts on the Modern Methods of Risk Assessment in Process-Oriented Industries”
A lecture on the modern methods of risk assessment in process-oriented industries was virtually held on November 15, 2021 at IRC.

According to a report prepared by the Public Relations Office of IRC, process industries are those that process chemical materials and produce intermediate and raw materials that will be finally used for chemical and petrochemical materials, pharmaceutical materials, and food and beverage materials. The common characteristic of all the process industries is the concentration of a huge number of facilities and equipments in a small complex being controlled by the workforces. This characteristic makes the human error invisible, yet any losses incurred are not easily compensable.
Given the significance of this subject, the lecture on “Some Accounts on the Modern Methods of Risk Assessment in Process-Oriented Industries” was managed and conducted by the Research Affairs Office in collaboration with Fire Insurances Desk on Monday, November 15, 2021 at IRC.

The lecture was delivered by Mr. Abbas Golchinian with the virtual participation of some of the interested people from across the industry. The main themes of the lecture were: “Generals, Goals, Requirements, Risk Assessment Benefits, and the Terrible Implications of the Present Methods Used” and “Risk Management Applications and Imagination Engineering: A Prerequisite for the Risk Assessment”.

After the presentation of the characteristics of the risk assessor, a list of secondary questions that a loss adjustor must ask the workforces were also presented.  

The lecture session was ended with a question on the use of imagination engineering knowledge in the risk assessment and the breakdown and adjustment of risks.

The participants were invited to provide their answers within a week through the IRC’s Instagram page:

In order to obtain the Persian lecture presentation file and the aforementioned secondary questions, please click here.


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