One of the fundamental goals of Insurance Research Center (IRC) is meeting research and academic needs of the industry in the realm of insurance and organizing insurance studies and setting the stage for appropriate growth and development. IRC is one of the most significant academic and research centers in the insurance industry and is considered as the strong academic arm for the industry. Boosting academic strength of the insurance industry, strategic management of the insurance knowledge, cooperating with other academic institutes and insurance companies are among the missions that IRC must fulfill. Thus, in 2019, IRC added a new office to its structure to accomplish these objectives and to help the industry meet its needs: Society and Industry Liaison Office (SILO).

The main missions of SILO include:

- Organizing industrial sabbatical leaves based on the laws and bylaws approved by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology;

- Developing research activities in relation to society and industry;

- Preparing required guidelines and forming relevant taskforces;

- Analyzing the present status of liaising with the industry in line with the macro developmental plans of the insurance industry of Iran;

- Identifying the industrial research priorities and informing the strategic council and researchers of IRC;

- Developing MOU with the industry in order to develop IRC’s relations;

- Informing the public about IRC’s capabilities and SILO’s events;

- Commercializing the accomplished applied research projects at IRC;

- Supporting the research or educational project managers to connect to the industry through negotiation and recommendation;

- Centralizing the relationship between the academia and the industry.

Some of the major achievements of SILO since its establishment are as follows:

- Signing 18 MOU’s with various institutes and centers in Iran including two major insurers of Iran namely Iran Insurance Co. and Asia Insurance Co.;

- The formation of Insurance Industry Scientific Coordination Council (IISCC) where one representative from the active insurance companies and relevant associations act as its members. Up to now, IISCC has met 4 times under the management of SILO;

- Conducting Joint Meeting with the industry and society. SILO has run 64 joint meetings until now;

- Administering Summer Industry Internship Program. Two programs have been directed by SILO up to now;

- Organizing sabbatical leaves for the academia and the industry. One sabbatical leave has been arranged by SILO so far;

- Arranging the meeting called “IRC from Industry Managers’ Perspective”. Four meetings with the CEO of major players of the industry have been run by SILO until now.


Director: Mrs. Ostad Ramezan

BA: Economics, Allameh Tabataba'i University

MA: Economics, Azad University, Tehran

Phd.: Mathematics, Tarbiat Modares University

Contact Information:

Phone: 0098-21-22084084 - 168





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