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  • Date : Tue Jan 28, 2020
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Seminar Held at IRC:
“Indexing the Satisfaction and Loyalty of Policyholders and Predicting Their Downfall”
A seminar on indexing the satisfaction and loyalty of policyholders and predicting their downfall was conducted on January 27th at IRC. Given by Dr. Kambiz Shahroudi, the seminar was basically intended to promote applicable marketing strategies.

The issue of the low insurance penetration rate in Iran with a special focus on the marketing management and market-based performance and with an emphasis on the significance of having marketing strategies was the major theme of the seminar, according to PRIAO.

The principle foundation of this roadmap is policyholder-centeredness, clarification of the insurer’s profitability through acknowledging the policyholder needs, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty, retaining the policyholders, and identifying the reasons of their downfall or attrition.

The analysis of the performance assessment indices of the insurers indicate that they have done their underwriting activities very well. Such an analysis suffers from this fundamental drawback that it does not show where the insurer is headed in the future. The results of several studies show that there is a positive and significant relationship between policyholder satisfaction, loyalty and profitability.

Referring to the effective factors of policyholders’ downfall, a model is developed that confidently predicts the policyholder downfalls. From the marketing management and market studies perspective, the effect of such predictions on the insurer’s profitability is extremely vital. Since, they make it possible to identify the profitability in advance and to know when the policyholders will turn over from their insurers and will cause profit reduction.

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