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  • Date : Sat Feb 01, 2020
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Vice President of CII at 4th Forum of Insurance Research Center from Industry Key Players’ Perspective
On January 28, 2020, Mr. Parviz Khosrowshahi, Vice President of Central Insurance of I.R. Iran (CII), Dr. Kordbacheh, Head of IRC, IRC’s deputies, and research associates participated at 4th Forum of Insurance Research Center from Industry Key Players’ Perspective held at IRC.

In the forum that was commenced with Dr. Kordbacheh’s speech, he highlighted the fact that such forums will pave the way for IRC to reach its overarching goals, and added: “I hope that such meetings ultimately lead to the revisions of procedures and activities undertaken at IRC and so far, it has proved to be effective in revising some of the procedures.”

In his speech, the Vice President of CII, Mr. Khosrowshahi expressed his satisfaction with the enduring relationship of IRC and insurance companies, and referred to IRC as the sole research and development institute of the insurance industry and underscored its main missions in studying products and procedures within the insurance industry, serious studies in the international arenas, future studies for the insurance industry, knowledge transfer and reporting research results through conducting training courses for the insurance industry incumbents and personnel, risk assessment and management, appropriate method of calculating premiums, insurance reserve calculations and their investments, the effects of regulations, focusing on commitments and enhancing the quality of research products.

“In the issue of life insurance development, the major hurdles that cause life sector not to grow in Iran must be identified and IRC must propose operational strategies for tackling them. Since the low insurance penetration rate is largely owing to the life insurance.” He added.
Highlighting the fact that IRC must have a comprehensive, forward-looking, and developmental perspective in its research missions, he added: “The studies performed at IRC are principally used as the basis for policymaking and decision-makings Therefore, they must be sufficiently comprehensive and must maintain high quality and all the revealed and concealed aspects of an issue must be thoroughly dissected and explored. In this way, the idea of seeking help from the industry professionals and acknowledging the experts’ views through conducting meetings with them are highly significant.”

He also emphasized on the studies that pertains to the future needs and conditions of the industry and pinpointed to the international areas and the world of insurance outside the country that IRC must focus its efforts more on them.

In this forum, the research associates of IRC asked their questions and presented their views in the areas of research and IRC’s issues.
It must be noted that the Forum of Insurance Research Center from Industry Key Players’ Perspective is regularly conducted in order to revise and promote the research activities of IRC and to foster more collaborations with the insurance industry with the aim of acquainting the research associates with the views of the key players of the industry regarding the strengths and weaknesses of IRC’s activities and the major priorities and requirements that must be accounted in the studies. Until now, IRC has held this forum with the CEO’s of Saman Insurance Company, Dana Insurance Company, and Alborz Insurance Company.

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