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  • Date : Sun Mar 26, 2023
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CEO of IRC Met with the President of the University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD)
On Wednesday, March 1, 2023, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Mahdi Asgari, the CEO of Insurance Research Center (IRC) met with Prof. Mohamed-Vall M. Salem Zein, the President of the University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD).

Initially, Prof. Dr. Asgari, introduced IRC, its organization, and commitments and also presented some information regarding Iran insurance industry and the recent launch of the first takaful product in Iran. He called for the training of Iran insurance industry managers with short-term courses and if possible, some graduate level courses. He also mentioned that DBA with especial focus on insurance or takaful was in IRC’s prospect for IRC’s directors and it was better if UOWD could have helped IRC in this regard.

“With respect to the expertise of the majority of IRC’s research associates in the fields of mathematics, statistics, and economy, IRC is quite willing to conduct joint research projects on conventional insurance, takaful, and Islamic finance with UOWD faculty members and researchers.” Dr. Asgari added.

Prof. Salem welcomed any academic interaction between UOWD and IRC and explained about the courses the UOWD offers with regard to economy, banking, and Islamic finance and its Ph.D. programs and the university lecturers.

Dr. Asgari, requested the President of UOWD to hold joint conferences. He also announced the upcoming IRC’s international event on the mutual effect of conventional insurance and takaful and asked for the use of UOWD logo in the event. He likewise requested Dr. Salem to honorably be a member of the scientific committee of the event and give speech as a keynote speaker. The CEO of IRC added that as a starting point for the cooperation between UOWD and IRC, webinars on relevant topics are very viable choice.

Prof. Salem expressed his willingness and presented the nuances of doing joint projects and explained about the professional faculty members of his university in the fields of modern technology and finance.

It was agreed that in near future about 10 to 20 insurance managers to be recruited for studying DBA at UOWD. It was also agreed that the sabbatical leaves are much better to be in the summer when the research associates of IRC are less busy and can do joint research projects with the UOWD faculty members. The UOWD was committed to send its training proposal to IRC during the Month of Ramadan.

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