In an era of ever-changing and digitally disruptive economic and financial environment, Insurance Research Center has sustained as the unique pioneering think-tank of Iran’s insurance industry. In many respects, it has achieved many of its major objectives since its foundation in 2004. Owing to its rich capacities and professional vision, it has provided the insurance industry with many academic solutions for the current and prospective challenges of the industry.

IRC with its inherent linkage to the insurance industry, its origin, has constantly acted as a research liaison office connecting the industry with the academic world at large and other relevant research institutes in the country. Hence, making academic networking at its core objective whereby in-depth and multidisciplinary studies are made possible.

We at IRC are sincerely delighted to welcome any relevant multilateral academic cooperation with the institutes, individual scholars, and researchers from across the world. These collaborations can be made in the form of training, research, and academic publications.

IRC is hoping for a bright future, driving to explore and create new research paradigms, while, at the same time, contributing to the growth and development of Iran’s and global insurance industry.

Hamid Kordbacheh, Ph.D.    




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