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news code : 4976  |  event date : Sun Oct 17, 2021 8:37:19
The 28th National Conference on Insurance and Development with the main theme of “The Role of Insurance Industry in Economic Prosperity with the Main Focus on Digital Transformation” is going to b ...
Research Report on Life Insurance Securitization 
Securitization of life insurance could help reduce unproductive investments in markets such as real estate, gold, etc. It will also allow the insurance industry to exploit the capital market capacities in order to finance and cover risks while at the same time, by helping grow the capital market and attracting liquidity, it will contain the unbridled inflation.
news code : 4973  |  event date : Sat Oct 16, 2021 10:1:21
The results of a research report entitled “Life Insurance Securitization” was held on Wednesday, October 13, 2021, with the participation of CII’s Board of Management and senior managers and the m ...
Dr Kordbacheh in his Keynote Speech: Building Discourse, Institutionalization, Easing Regulation Required for the Digital Transformation of the Insurance Industry 
Formulating the digital transformation plan of the insurance industry and its endorsement by the regulator, insurers, and the Syndicate can bring about new wave of digital transformation and will pave the way for enculturation, building discourse, and institutionalization and entrance into other fields including pricing, AI-based loss assessment, and blockchain.
news code : 4971  |  event date : Wed Oct 13, 2021 13:53:43
The first session of the webinar series on “Digital Transformation in the Insurance industry” hosted by Mellat Insurance Co. with the main theme of “The Requirements of Digital Transformation in t ...
Mellat Insurance Co. with the Cooperation of IRC, CII, and Plannet- Insurtech Innovation Network Conducts: Digital Transformation Webinar Series 
news code : 4967  |  event date : Sat Oct 09, 2021 13:20:7
The first session of the webinar series on “Digital Transformation in the Insurance industry” will be held on Sunday, October 10, 2021, according to Public Relations Office, IRC.
news code : 4966  |  event date : Sat Oct 09, 2021 13:0:23
On the occasion of Tropical Cyclone Shaheen battering Iran’s south and the Persian Gulf region last week, Public Relations Office of IRC with the cooperation of Natural Catastrophe and Big Losses ...




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